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Amazing Luxe Hire is a one stop shop for all things events! We’re all about top quality merchandise and high standards of service. Established in 2014, we are design professionals who specialise in helping customers with all of their rental needs. Come see what we’re all about today; stop by our store and experience luxury for yourself.


Luxury Chairs

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Elizabeth Chair
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Felicia Chair

The Felicia chair is a beautiful laser cut gold luxury chair. It is our most popular chair because of the class it brings to your event. You can choose either black or white seat pads to suit your style or theme.

Elizabeth Chair

Our Elizabeth Chair stands out from the traditional Ice chairs. Simply classy, the Elizabeth chair has a touch of gold and comes in white and gold seat pads to suit your style or theme.

Louis Chair

Our Louis chairs are elegantly beautiful and comes in white and gold or black and gold. The Louis chair is a VIP chair for luxury events such as weddings.